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Fence pressure washing

Contrary to popular belief, cedar fences aren’t supposed to be gray!  In fact, with proper care, there’s no need to ever look at dingy, gray fencing again.  Being a natural organic fiber, wood can be damaged by constant exposure to the sun.  Add to that the everyday buildup of dirt and grime that gets into

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Prioritizing Your Summer Painting Projects

“Janice” and I were walking around her main floor.  We had just finished painting her living room and stairway.  “We’re thinking about re-doing the kitchen, or maybe our room, and now the loft doesn’t match the living room; but we also want a quote for our exterior, but we may wait until next year for

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Mr. Bean Paints His Flat

I came across this clip a while back; and considering some of the paint jobs we’ve come across I’m sure this was the technique they used.  I will say this, though: he does a better job masking than many of the painters out there!      

How heat-resistant blinds damage your interior paint

Heat-resistant blinds are wonderful for controlling the temperature in the room, but holding all that heat out comes at a cost. Watch as we look at damage caused to interior paint by heat-resistant blinds.

To paint or not before selling

Recently, we were contacted by an out-of-town owner who was having trouble selling her house in Delta.  It seems she had carried the mortgage for the buyers when she sold and they had surrendered the house back to her in February after six years of residency. She had the previous listing agent put it back on

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Twenty-two top painting blunders

Painting your own house can be a worthwhile project that adds value to your home or a nightmare. Here is a terrific article that points out the 22 most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. It’s long, but it’s well-linked to make it easy to scan through: Twenty-two top painting blunders

The Perplexing Problem of Bull-nose Corners – Pt 2: ‘Square’ Corners on Round WAlls

Over the last couple decades bull-nose, or rounded corners have become increasingly popular.  They don’t seem to get broken as often and they soften the transition between areas.  The challenge becomes when you want to change the color on some areas and not others.  How do you create the clean, crisp corner on something without a clean,

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Comprehensive List of Exterior Painting Supplies

With the weather in Denver turning warm, we know a few of you weekend warriors are chomping at the bit to get started on your summer projects.  And for some of you that will include exterior paint.  So for those of you who insist on doing it yourself we’ve put together a comprehensive list of

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The Realities of Painting Yourself – Part 1: The “All Summer Project”

Does your home’s exterior need a paint job this year? Is it getting those funny-looking ‘shadows’ on the siding? Is the trim starting to flake? Are you thinking of painting it yourself?  As long as you’re not afraid of heights and don’t mind a lot of elbow grease you probably have what it takes to

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The Perplexing Problem of Bull-nose Corners – Part 1: Smooth Trim Lines

Do you or someone you know have rounded corners in their home?  Have you ever noticed that some of the corners on the basedboards look ’rounder’ than others?  Or have you wanted to paint, but didn’t know how to make a clean line bend around around corner?  Let the HappyPainters show you how you too

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