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the perplexing problem of bull-nose corners, pt 3 – ceiling lines

Ceiling lines on round corners are probably the hardest to get right, and look the worst when they’re done wrong. On square corners you simply paint to where the two walls meet; but what if the flat walls never touch? Many people, even professional painters, try to ‘split’ the curve, treating it like a square

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The Best Bang for Your Remodeling Buck

You’ve got a tax return coming and want to invest in your home; but what remodeling project will protect your investment the best?  Many would advise remodeling your bathroom or finishing the basement; and there’s always plenty of other things grabbing your attention. But the truth is, the best return on your home improvement dollar

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Ladders – The Most Dangerous Tool You Own

A video on Facebook reminded me today of the most dangerous tool most of us have in our homes – and one so common it’s often overlooked completely – ladders. According to OSHA, the most common tool-related accidents involve ladders, accounting for more than 38% of all construction accidents.  Each year, more than 164,000 emergency

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Resolving to Update Your Home

I read last week that the number one New Year’s resolution in America this year is, “be a better person,” followed by, “lose weight,” a perennial favorite; and probably the MOST broken resolution of all time. The new year naturally brings out the introspective in all of us – Where did we do well during

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Fence pressure washing

Contrary to popular belief, cedar fences aren’t supposed to be gray!  In fact, with proper care, there’s no need to ever look at dingy, gray fencing again.  Being a natural organic fiber, wood can be damaged by constant exposure to the sun.  Add to that the everyday buildup of dirt and grime that gets into

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Prioritizing Your Summer Painting Projects

“Janice” and I were walking around her main floor.  We had just finished painting her living room and stairway.  “We’re thinking about re-doing the kitchen, or maybe our room, and now the loft doesn’t match the living room; but we also want a quote for our exterior, but we may wait until next year for

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Mr. Bean Paints His Flat

I came across this clip a while back; and considering some of the paint jobs we’ve come across I’m sure this was the technique they used.  I will say this, though: he does a better job masking than many of the painters out there!      

How heat-resistant blinds damage your interior paint

Heat-resistant blinds are wonderful for controlling the temperature in the room, but holding all that heat out comes at a cost. Watch as we look at damage caused to interior paint by heat-resistant blinds.

To paint or not before selling

Recently, we were contacted by an out-of-town owner who was having trouble selling her house in Delta.  It seems she had carried the mortgage for the buyers when she sold and they had surrendered the house back to her in February after six years of residency. She had the previous listing agent put it back on

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Fifteen Common House Painting Mistakes

Painting your own house can be a worthwhile project that adds value to your home or a nightmare that leaves a mess you have to look at for years. Here is a terrific article from DIY Network that points out the 15 most common mistakes people make when thay paint themsleves and how to avoid

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