IMG_1032Unlike exterior paint, which has to stand up to the harsh elements, interior paint is designed to be more cosmetic than protective.  Although you want to be able to clean up the walls from time to time and not have chipped texture whenever you bump them, there’s no need to worry about temperature extremes, blizzards or tornadoes.  Typically, a homeowner will tire of the color of a good paint job before wear and tear dictate a change.

When working on your interior project the HappyPainters will move or cover all the furniture and use tarps to insure no messes are left on your stuff; we caulk or re-caulk all the trim to the walls, fill any unwanted nail holes and repair any small cracks prior to painting to give your home that ‘finished’ look.  Of course , we follow all the preparation with a coating of high-quality Benjamin Moore paint (the HappyPainters’ paint of choice; but we’ll apply whatever you require).

3MegaCamWith older homes like this, chances are there will be cracks in the plaster or drywall due to settling, nicks from years of service and, occasionally, trim pulling away from the walls.  Since paint is not designed to span the gaps, we must first fill in these blemishes.  Depending on the type of surface, severity of the damage and amount of use, we have several options available to correct the damage.

Whether it be caulking, spackle, or wood filler, a properly prepared wall greatly improves the overall appearance of the finished room.  At all Phase Painting, we pride ourselves in doing everything we can to prepare the room so when we leave, it looks as good as (if not better than) new.406214_10151102863800539_538100317_n2.jpg