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Drywall art

The people at Precision Taping had Sculptor Bernie Mitchell  do a special video for them.  Now, Bernie Mitchell isn’t an ordinary sculptor; he uses drywall and drywall mud to create 3-dimensional art that literally jumps off the wall at you! Check it out for yourself!  

Mr. Bean Paints His Flat

I came across this clip a while back; and considering some of the paint jobs we’ve come across I’m sure this was the technique they used.  I will say this, though: he does a better job masking than many of the painters out there!      

Cow Art

  • Larry D. Happypainter Johnston
  • Fun Stuff
  • February 8, 2015

Ever seen a famer make cow art before? Here’s a feeding method the HappyPainters agree with 100%  Check this out!