the perplexing problem of bull-nose corners, pt 3 – ceiling lines
ceiling inset

By ‘splitting’ the curve, you wind up with a double line of paint and shadow…your eye gets confused where the ceiling ends and the wall begins.

Ceiling lines on round corners are probably the hardest to get right, and look the worst when they’re done wrong. On square corners you simply paint to where the two walls meet; but what if the flat walls never touch? Many people, even professional painters, try to ‘split’ the curve, treating it like a square corner. The result is often a ‘paint’ line that doesn’t match the ‘light’ line.  As we discussed in our post on walls, there are three parts, plus lighting, to take into account when painting bull-nose corners.  We’re going to focus on the flat part of the ceiling and where it starts to transition into a curve.  This will be were we make our new line.




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