Fence pressure washing

Contrary to popular belief, cedar fences aren’t supposed to be gray!  In fact, with proper care, there’s no need to ever look at dingy, gray fencing again.  Being a natural organic fiber, wood can be damaged by constant exposure to the sun.  Add to that the everyday buildup of dirt and grime that gets into

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Drywall art

The people at Precision Taping had Sculptor Bernie Mitchell  do a special video for them.  Now, Bernie Mitchell isn’t an ordinary sculptor; he uses drywall and drywall mud to create 3-dimensional art that literally jumps off the wall at you! Check it out for yourself!  

How heat-resistant blinds damage your interior paint

Heat-resistant blinds are wonderful for controlling the temperature in the room, but holding all that heat out comes at a cost. Watch as we look at damage caused to interior paint by heat-resistant blinds.