Fence pressure washing

Contrary to popular belief, cedar fences aren’t supposed to be gray!  In fact, with proper care, there’s no need to ever look at dingy, gray fencing again.  Being a natural organic fiber, wood can be damaged by constant exposure to the sun.  Add to that the everyday buildup of dirt and grime that gets into the pores and you have the recipe for dull, gray, worn-out fencing.  Once clean, a protective coat of stain with UV protection will help keep it looking good for years to come.  Here’s the first step in restoring your fence to its original beauty – pressure washing.

A couple helpful hints: First, buy or rent a pressure washer that will create over 2000 PSI. It’ll make the cleaning go much more quickly.  Second, wet the fence section ahead of the one you’re working on to allow the water to loosen the dirt and decay. Finally, take your time and focus on each board with your spray. Spray with the grain; and use a fan spray – avoid the high-pressure jets.

Good luck and happy washing!



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