Resolving to Update Your Home

I read last week that the number one New Year’s resolution in America this year is, “be a better person,” followed by, “lose weight,” a perennial favorite; and probably the MOST broken resolution of all time.

The new year naturally brings out the introspective in all of us – Where did we do well during the past 365 days?  Where did we do less than well? Do we feel like we’re ‘on-track’ or do we need to re-focus?  What would we like to do differently over the next 365 days?  While these are all questions worthy of our reflection, the resulting resolutions may be an effort in futility – a 2016 poll found that only 8% of people actually kept their promises.  So, what went wrong, you ask? Well, the excuses are many – no time, lack of accountability, unrealistic goals, etc., and most are valid.

So how DO we effect change? According to many experts start by thinking small.  You may want to lose 15 pounds, but instead of creating the dream of being 15 pounds lighter make a specific plan to get there: “I’ll buy a Fitbit and add 10% every week until I get my 10,000 steps every day,” or, “I’ll stop snacking after 6:00 PM.”  Psychology Today recommends attaching this new plan to a good habit you already have – like adding 10 minutes to the walks you already take – and to make it simple in the beginning.

Other things that can help you attain your goals include having an accountability partner, personalizing the goal, and focusing on your progress rather than your failures, writes dietician/writer Patricia Bannan. I would add it’s good to keep benefits of the end-goal (the resolution) in sight – “I won’t get winded going up stairs,” or, “I’ll be able to get back in those clothes.”

Oftentimes, when I meet a customer I’ll hear things like, “I’ve been putting this off for years,” or, “My house needs painted, but I just don’t know where to start.” And who can blame them? Painting your whole house is a BIG JOB – especially if you have to live in the mess.  Using these same principles, you can fulfill your resolution of a clean/updated/fresh home:

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.”   While you may think your whole house needs attention, I’ll bet there’s one (or two) rooms that really drive you crazy – the kids’ rooms with the perpetual spot that won’t wash off or the living room that sucks the life out of you.  Start there.  By breaking the project up, disruption to your family, your time, and your wallet is eased – most one- or two-room projects can be done in a day or maybe two.

Once you’ve determined what areas need upkeep, the rest is really easy – pick your colors and call the HappyPainters.  We’ll come out, renovate the place, and leave everything clean and new-feeling.  In that way, we’re in and out in a couple days; and since we do our best to clean up at the end of the day, your life isn’t upset any more than necessary in the evening.

In order to help you make 2018 the year you revitalize your home, the HappyPainters have a terrific “Resolution Special” – You can have a HappyPainter do your one-day job for only $249 plus materials or a two-day project $449 plus materials… a savings of $200!  But like all resolutions, it’s best to get started right away; so the special is only valid until January 15 and work must be scheduled for completion before January 31.

So, don’t put off getting your home repainted for ANOTHER year – give the HappyPainters a call and we’ll insure this is one resolution you keep in 2018!

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