Fifteen Common House Painting Mistakes

Painting your own house can be a worthwhile project that adds value to your home or a nightmare that leaves a mess you have to look at for years. Here is a terrific article from DIY Network that points out the 15 most common mistakes people make when thay paint themsleves and how to avoid them. They also explain in a video how to pick your paint brush (we prefer 3-inch to the recommended 2-inch and we ALWAYS use a beveled head) and roller cover, and another explains how to pick your paint sheen based on your project. A couple caveats:  we don’t recommend sanding your shiny-painted walls before you paint and only ‘bag’ your used brush or roller cover if you plan to use it again within 24 hours – otherwise take the time to clean it properly.  Also, for smooth-finish walls (no texture) you’ll want to use a 1/4-inch nap.

Fifteen top painting blunders

As always – if you’re not sure or uncomfortable determining what fits your needs we recommend calling the HappyPainters befroe you start – phone advice is always free!

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