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How heat-resistant blinds damage your interior paint

Heat-resistant blinds are wonderful for controlling the temperature in the room, but holding all that heat out comes at a cost. Watch as we look at damage caused to interior paint by heat-resistant blinds.

The Perplexing Problem of Bull-nose Corners – Part 1: Smooth Trim Lines

Do you or someone you know have rounded corners in their home?  Have you ever noticed that some of the corners on the basedboards look ’rounder’ than others?  Or have you wanted to paint, but didn’t know how to make a clean line bend around around corner?  Let the HappyPainters show you how you too

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Surfactants, extenders and fillers; Oh my! The long-term cost of using inferior paint.

Recently, we talked about how paint quality can affect the cost of your paint job, driving up the immediate cost of your project. But there is another way paint quality influences your pocketbook – long-term costs. There are several areas that have to balance in order to make quality paint: spreadability – how easily the

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