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Fence pressure washing

Contrary to popular belief, cedar fences aren’t supposed to be gray!  In fact, with proper care, there’s no need to ever look at dingy, gray fencing again.  Being a natural organic fiber, wood can be damaged by constant exposure to the sun.  Add to that the everyday buildup of dirt and grime that gets into

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Fifteen Common House Painting Mistakes

Painting your own house can be a worthwhile project that adds value to your home or a nightmare that leaves a mess you have to look at for years. Here is a terrific article from DIY Network that points out the 15 most common mistakes people make when thay paint themsleves and how to avoid

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The Importance of Being Sealed

If you have been following our posts for any time, you may have noticed us hammering away on the importance of properly sealing your home – both inside and out.  The reason for caulking the outside of your home is a little easier to see – if you have ‘holes’ in your exterior coating water can

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