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The Realities of Painting Yourself – Part 1: The “All Summer Project”

Does your home’s exterior need a paint job this year? Is it getting those funny-looking ‘shadows’ on the siding? Is the trim starting to flake? Are you thinking of painting it yourself?  As long as you’re not afraid of heights and don’t mind a lot of elbow grease you probably have what it takes to

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Surfactants, extenders and fillers; Oh my! The long-term cost of using inferior paint.

Recently, we talked about how paint quality can affect the cost of your paint job, driving up the immediate cost of your project. But there is another way paint quality influences your pocketbook – long-term costs. There are several areas that have to balance in order to make quality paint: spreadability – how easily the

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Spending more to get less – how cheaper paint can cost you more

People often ask us why we insist on using more expensive, high-quality paint to do our jobs. Their theory is if we used less expensive paint our costs would be less and, therefore, we could charge less. In practice, however, nothing could be less true. There are many ways to dissect this question and we’ll

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