How long will my new paint job last?
  • Larry D. Happypainter Johnston
  • December 28, 2014

Depending upon the quality of the paint and the thoroughness of the preparation, your paint can last as long as ten to twenty years, maybe longer.  However it is imperative that you use high quality paints and sealants to ensure the life of surface coatings.  Titanium Dioxide is the ingredient in paint that affects durability – the more there is the longer the paint will last.  Less expensive or lower grade paints use less titanium dioxide and more fillers, which means they will wear out sooner.   The same is true of colorants. Less expensive, man-made pigments fade much more quickly than more costly, natural pigments, so cheaper paints made with man-made pigments are not going to hold their color as long as higher-quality paints.  On the same hand, lower-quality caulking is less elastic and cracks out sooner, thus allowing moisture in behind the paint and loosening it from the surface.

By utilizing the proper preparation techniques, using high-quality products and focusing on attention to detail, the HappyPainters are confident your new paint job will give you plenty of enjoyment for a decade or more.